• Specialized in:
  • Biopolymer Development,
  • Production, & Commercialization

We have developed a patent-pending, stimuli-responsive biopolymer that fully degrades in marine environments within two years and results in no microplastics at the end of its life.

Currently, we are focused on utilizing this technology in fishing & aquaculture applications to reduce the effects that abandoned fishing gear has on marine ecosystems. We are working on making fishing gear tags, fish feed bags, fishing line and fishing nets.

Looking to the Future

Global bioplastic use is growing drastically and we believe Canada should be at the forefront of this change. With a market valued at US$4.6B and a growth rate of nearly 14%, bioplastics will one-day be the new norm.

Looking at the Canadian fishing industry, Plantee hopes to transform the market using our technology. With increasing government regulation regarding ghost fishing and abandoned gear, and a market valued at US$213M, we are positioned as a leader to help guide the industry to become more sustainable.

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