Work With Us

Our highly experienced technical team is excited and equipped to handle your biopolymer needs. We take a tailored approach to working with clients to meet your exact product specifications get in touch to find out how we can make your product more sustainable.

An Internal Portfolio of IP

We maintain a portfolio of innovations and IP related to biopolymer processing and its applications. Product development is still ongoing; licensing, toll manufacturing, and direct product sales will be available soon.

Contract R&D, Creation of IP, and Testing

Utilize our technical team to conduct R&D to better your business. Areas of specialty include proof of concept, lab validation, and process validation.

Technical Consultation on Biodegradable Plastic

Contact us if you are interested in obtaining advice and/or expertise in the area of biopolymer processing, development, and/or commercialization, or if you are thinking of transitioning your company to using biodegradable plastics.